Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Yeh I'm embracing the dungaree trend this season.  Having not worn a pair since the early 90's I forgot how comfortable they actually are!  Naturally my dungaree of choice this season is from Zara but there are loads of other alternatives out there, Primark even have a pretty nice pair.  I'm going to try a few experimental outfits with these tomorrow on my day off so I might do a 'Ways to wear Dungarees  type post if they turn out successful.  Have you embraced Dungarees yet?

Dungarees - Zara (Current).     T-shirt - Celine.     Shoes - H&M (Past Season).     Sunglasses - Primark.
Bag - eBay.     Cuff - eBay.     Ring - H&M (Current).


  1. wow you look great in these! i'd like a pair but i'm not sure how i'd pull them off. lovely pics xx

  2. lovely that you promote'em - looking great in'em and thx for the tipp for zara dungarees they're cute !


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